Alibaba Cloud Keeps Growth Momentum as APAC Market Leader, Stronger Presence in Malaysia

Services comparable or even surpassing AWS and Google Cloud

By 2021, Cisco predicts that 95% of data centre traffic will be mostly cloud-based traffic. This represents a significant chunk of internet traffic for the next 24 months. Having a robust and well-equipped network is important for companies living on the cloud. Usually dominated by Western names like Amazon and Google, the cloud service provider market has found a new market leader for the APAC region – Alibaba Cloud.

First established in 2009 to support the parent company’s Alibaba growing need for a reliable cloud service, Alibaba Cloud has since grown in bounds and strengths, offering customers in 15 availability zones in the region outside mainland China, covering Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Japan markets, services comparable or even surpassing its peers – in term of reliability, security and variety of services on offer.

Alibaba Cloud, a business unit of Alibaba Group, has recently broken rank of being the number one cloud service provider in the Asia Pacific, according to Gartner’s report named Market Share: IT Services, 2018. While it is not too far-fetched that it should do well in its home country, it, with the collection of knowledge, locality and flexibility, has also become a preferred choice for APAC customers to host cost efficient cloud solutions.


Companies in Malaysia starting their journey into the cloud now are lucky. The combination of low-cost access to cloud infrastructure, the continued boom in data generation and consumption and AI and machine learning platforms which will become ever smarter are reshaping all businesses and industries. With the right approach, companies can begin to use intelligent data to make faster and smarter decisions.


Having a piece of local knowledge and mindset puts Alibaba Cloud apart from other cloud service provider. It is currently the only global cloud provider with two local data centres in Malaysia to serve home-grown ventures better in speed and security, co-developing customised solutions with local partners to help Malaysian enterprises kickstart their digital journey faster and at scale. Thus, growth is expected to be brisk for Alibaba Cloud as more companies in Malaysia are opening their eyes to the benefits of deploying to the cloud. Not just multi-national companies, but small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are finally getting onto the groove of using cloud-based solutions and services. As part of a growing trend around the world, SMEs in ASEAN are now exploring the possibility of expansion online, thanks to cloud services. Alibaba Cloud’s availability in Malaysia are also helping in gaining traction among SMEs locally as SMEs in Malaysia contributes to 37.1%of the country Gross National Product (GDP).

Alibaba Cloud offers a wide range of applications for companies looking to establish their presence on the cloud. Applications ranging from storage, compute, network and even hybrid cloud support are available on hand for customers looking to deploy their solutions and products on the cloud. A feature that Alibaba Cloud offers that other cloud service providers does not offer is a cloud-native database service, which is designed to be run exclusively on the cloud. Other database services still bank on legacy DBMSs, which required larger overhead when compared to a cloud-native service.

Nowadays, data protection is more important than everything. Hence safety is paramount for Alibaba Cloud. All data going through its services are encrypted while at-rest and in-transit. At the same time Alibaba Cloud provides encryption key management services for better data security. Other security services include identity and access management (IAM), threat detection, compliance certifications, and more.

More than just providing a wide range of applications on the cloud, Alibaba also offers a series of events with international keynotes and insights on technology innovation and how Alibaba Cloud can help accelerate business growth. Alibaba Cloud Summit Kuala Lumpurwill be held for the first time ever on 31 July, 2019, sharing the #MYFutureMaker stories that will inspire local businesses grow by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure and gaining insights from advanced Big Data Analytics, AI, and the core internet technologies.

*This piece is an Advertorial*