AIMS Data Centre sets aims for regional play

AIMS Data Centre is ready to make inroads into regional markets in ASEAN.  With its sights set on becoming a regional player, AIMS is currently identifying markets to go into.

Group CEO, Chiew Kok Hin said, “If you look at Vietnam/Myanmar now… they are like us about 10 years ago. We know what will be their growing pains, and we can help drive their growth faster.”

Chiew had shared that data centre services like co-location and managed services will see AIMS continue to move up the data centre value chain, specifically with AIMS offering  media streaming, security, content delivery and more besides just managed hosting.

Chiew Kok Hin

Disaster recovery (DR) services like DR drills could also be offered as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution, together with strategic partners.

“We see trends and indicators that they need this kind of services (by AIMS), so our expertise and technical know-how will come in handy for us to help these emerging markets,” Chiew said while adding, “The region is growing.”

Having presences in emerging markets also puts AIMS in a good position to help and support their partners there, as well as leverage opportunities to expand their business.

AIMS is looking to add remote data storage in emerging Asean markers where demand for such services is also rising. Countries have not been identified yet but wait for news in next 12 months.

Progress and synergies
Before being acquired by TIME dotCom, AIMS had been very focused on bringing all the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into AIMS’ data centres. That was an endeavour that has been very successful, with all local domestic ISPs ‘housed’ within AIMs and at least 80% of of international service providers on board.

One notable global customer is China Telecoms, the largest telco company in China, that have set up presence in Malaysia and have their data centre needs served by AIMS.

“We have also created a substantial client base of gamers and SMEs,” said Chiew who also added they are focused on customers from new verticals like financial services and oil & gas.

This is perhaps best reflected by AIMS having increased data centre space in the last two years, most significantly with a new green-centric, Tier-3 facility in Cyberjaya last year.

After acquisition, Chiew opined that it has positioned AIMS to provide value to their customers.

“Being part of a bigger group, it has given us added advantage of being a one-stop solution of our services,” he concluded.

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