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5G Music at the Horizon

We have been expounding the power and possibilities that 5G will make in our immediate future lives.

And here is just one more area where 5G will transform beautifully, in the world of music.

Just recently, EITN Editor Lorraine shared news on the ‘5G-distrbuted concert experience’  – where the power of 5G was displayed…. in 6 national musicians, in the 6 different global places, playing a single harmonious musical ensemble ‘Bach C Minor’ prelude and fugue, in real time.

Specifically, the concert experience saw…

First violin played in Germany,

Second violin in Spain,

Third viola in Mongolia,

The fourth cello, Sweden,

Fifth piano USA,

Sixth timpani drum in Japan.

All of these different musicians performed their portion of ‘Bach C Minor’ simultaneously, totally 100% real-time and synchronized from around the world – all only possible thanks to 5G’s capabilities of extremely low latency <1milisecond latency.

For those who really want to appreciate music need to travel all the way to concert halls.

However look at this as a one-off entertainment opportunity, if simply just to marvel at the possibilities that technology holds for the greater appreciation of the creative, art world!

Compared to 4G, 5G makes the downloading of streamed music up to ten times faster, enabling high-fidelity music to be more easily produced in collaborative manners (think: musicians can practice together in virtual production houses) and also consumed more reality by the masses.

The other aspect of 5G that would make notch up the experience of world music is its enablement of Augmented Reality (AR) and VR immersive experience for the consumer.

Imagine if this is added upon with a Hologram of Aretha Franklin (or Jennifer Hudson for the younger gen folks) singing you the blues in the privacy of your home.

IT Bytes Back Says: The future of music with 5G only sounds sweeter …as soon as IEEE standards would finally get approved for worldwide green light for 5G rollout!